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So I've had this set of fabric sitting out on top of my work area for some time now.  Staring at it, imagining what it could be, sewing it in my mind......over and over.  The patterned piece was not quite enough for a full on Italian but that's what it was "sayin" to me, so I've planned, measured, plotted and finally cut it.  Cut on Tuesday night to be exact.  Bodice made Wednesday morning before I left for work so I could do the lacing holes at lunch. (just a whee bit late to work)  Skirt pieces cut  Wednesday night.  I've sketched out the sleeves, which always take the longest but always "make" the dress.  That's tonight and will be the deciding factor of whether or not it gets done for Saturday.   Skirt will get finished up Friday night if all goes to plan.  

Ahhhh the obsessive compulsive in me, I must embrace it or go completely mad.
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The weekend, on a whole, was great.  We got on site mid-afternoon on Friday, and even though our camp ended up scattered around the eric, the main sunshade turned out to be a nice meeting place.  J decided to fight and surprised himself by going to fifth round.  While I'm pleased for him, it ment I missed the first class and most of the second class from the Kingdom Enrichment Project.  The students tell me both classes went well.  The third class suffered attendance from, I think, no afternoon announcement and being later in the day, closer to finals.  But we all sat around stitching and downloading about our projects and life.  Did some feast prep then a quick tour through merchants.  By then it was time for court.  My business was within the first 20 minutes.  My students business was dropped from the rooster, at least that was the first communication after which I dashed back to camp to start the cook fire.  In truth, the students did get to do a presentation and announcement at the very end of court, which I of course, missed.  Ah well, at least they got the word out.  Much bussling, a few snappish words (sorry if anyone was in the line of fire) and we all sat down to a very lovely little period feast.  I wanted to celebrate my students efforts on this project and so offered to cook a meal for them on Saturday.  It was such a success I've offered to repeat it at A&S, the event where the real project takes place.

Missed Pel council, enjoyed Laurel council (I had a great field trip buddy!) and then the slow breakdown of camp.  Home and unpacked by 7:00.  Whew.
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 ...then to do any sewing when I'm tired.  Especially cutting fabric.  But nooooooo, I had to start a project last night that wasn't even on the radar until I started packing for Crown.  Wanted some hand work for hanging in the pavilion during the day.  Miscalculated the excess to cut off the bottom.  At least I had already added an extra inch just because.  It looks like the skirt will just brush the floor, so if I'm frugal and only turn it once the hem should be OK.  I like my stuff to be a bit off the ground anyway.  Phooey.

And as always, I feel frazzled getting ready for Crown.  I really tried to plan in advance all the bits I wanted to get done.  But alas, I'm left with too much to do tonight.  We'll see what gets cut. 
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Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

Can it, you're Bender!

In the robot world, you are a bit of a lightweight in the colossal death league, but you do mutter "kill all humans" in your sleep - and after all, it's the thought that counts. We love you because you drink, steal, smoke cigars and gamble away things that aren't even yours. You've got what it takes. You're the right stuff.

Tell the world you're the Homer Simpson of the future with the following picture:

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

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Are You Damned?


You will die a warrior and be spirited away by warbling wenches to the Hall of the Slain. Meat and mead for ever more, well until Ragnarok, anyway, when you will do battle with giants, giantesses, dwarfs, elves and Nidhug, a dragon who likes to nibble trees. Odin is great!

Are You Damned?

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 Time for an update.  Tired, tired of the rain, want to sleep now.  Barring that I've been doing:

Weight loss, down 10 lbs since joining WW, down 15 overall!  Yeah me.  In a size 10 pants, haven't seen that since at least college days if not high school.  The only down side is apparently as you lose weight the amount of exercise one must do to achieve an activity point increases!  And you lose eating points too.  Argh.  I've adjusted the eating points but the increased time on the elipical is brutal. 

I've finally (I hope) found a new studio and will be back to dancing at least once a week.  I really perfer this particular style of teaching, and the studio/class is new so there hasn't been time for the clicks to form.  That's always the worst part, competing with the established dancers.  Why I don't kown, we're all there to learn.  So, will go back next week and plunck down the bucks for a multi-class discount.  Save money and motivation to go!

On the sewing front, I'm almost finished with the Persians I started before 12th Night.  Sorta pluggin along with no set time table.  But I want to start something else, so I need to finish this project.  Hopefully on Saturday I'll rap it up and then I can go "shopping" in my fabric stash for the next adventure.  I do need to fit a new gambeson for J in there somewhere as well as new storage bags for the firepit and large pavilion.  Preferably before March Crown.  

On the philosophical front, I'm back to the old "continue to support a group that everyone else has bailed on" issue.  It is an emotionally draining, ongoing, becoming boring debate. Blah.


Jan. 22nd, 2008 02:37 pm
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Heath Ledger died. WTF!  One of my guilty pleasures movies is A Knights Tale.  And he was scheduled to star in the upcoming Batman movie.  What a bummer. 

12th Night

Jan. 7th, 2008 04:23 pm
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Mostly good.  Arrived on Friday a little later than expected but earlier than most.  Scored a cart right off the bat and unloaded.  Quick dinner then off to the bar to hang out and socialize.   Brief interlude to assemble the VL gifts, which was fun!  Left J in the bar and he was off visiting when I returned.  Had some interesting conversations, then went to Y&B room for one last drink and some social flirting.  J felt awful Saturday morning so I showered, dressed (an interesting contortion exercise!) and went downstairs.  No one else was up yet so I hit merchants then checked on J.  Still miserable but sleeping, so left him alone.  Back downstairs and finally the household was stirring.  Handed out the VL gifts, absent some bits, and finally sat down to eat something.  Super nice visit with Terri and Devra!  Then a fantastic scheming session with the students.  The proposal is awesome and will be ready for presentation by March Crown.  I ran it by some folks and all seemed to think it was a winner idea!  And Aminah and Saeunn got an affirmative nod from the A&S officer.  Yeah!  (I want them to also present the proposal to HRH Mari at some point. )  Dinner was long and mostly boring and I left ASAP to pack down the feast hall. I did have a nice chat with the friends to whom I owe my LAST commission/payment for the mantles.  YEAH.  Changed and down to the Casbah where I danced for ~2 hours!  Got to dance with my old partner, cool.  I totally enjoyed it but was sore the next day!  

Sunday packed, ate breakfast (have to remember that cafe is not very good!) and drove home. 
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I can't go into detail yet, but my students ROCK!  I set a task for them and they came through with a proposal that shows just how smart, talented and committed they are!  I so proud. 

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Alas no new clothes for 12th Night.  I was smoking something when I cut out my latest Persian coat.  I had cotehardies on the brain, the fall back outfit if I didn't get done, and recut my Persian coat to be very close fitted.  So now I have a new costume, as opposed to clothing.  Bah, humbug.  And lined in silk no less.  Whatever.  I'll finish and wear it later.  Just can't bring myself to wear it to 12th Night especially if I attend the Artisans display.  Too bad, 'cause J's new Persian coat is by default on hold too.  At least he has a sense of humor about it, (he really doesn't care truth be told) and said something along the lines of wearing something "old" that we've only been seen in once.  Egads!  Say it isn't so. 

I bid adieu to 2007.  Certainly not bad, we are both healthy (mostly), employed and still happy together.  J's broken ankle was an adventure I don't care to repeat.  Even though I know life is always changing, it's hard to watch somethings evolve in a way I wasn't expecting.  So we adjust, regroup and move on.  I look forward to a year of new friends, new adventures and new challenges.


Dec. 17th, 2007 01:10 pm
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Wish it wasn't blurry, but this is the best full lenght shot!
Happy Christmas!
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Got my pre-made black cotton hoop the other day.  Tried it on with the skirt.  I knew the skirt would be too long, since the hoop I mangled was significantly larger.  But, yeah!  It looked great.  I need to take up the skirt, add the already done sleeves to the finished bodice and I'm DONE.  Even made the bias button loops.   

This project has reminded me once again how much I hate mundane patterns.  They are poorly written, badly laid out and overall way harder then they have to be.  There were several stupid things the instructions told me to do that I reworked and saved time and materials.  Who writes/plans these things anyway?

Dickens on Sunday, will get pictures!

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The Great Hoop Disaster

Once again, I'm struck by how poorly modern patterns are fashioned and written.  There were several problems with the hoop skirt.  In trying to save some money (the silk was expensive), I decided to use up some linen for the hoop skirt.  It was a heavier weight, which is good since it needs to support the bones and the outter skirt, but a looser weave, not good 'cause it pulled and stretched as I was sewing the channels for the bones.  Then I tried a new product for the boning.  Someone suggested caning, which would save on cost, and more importantly, weight of the skirt.  However, the caning in question was wound upon itself, had decided it was going to keep that shape no matter what, and refused to bend any other way without snapping.  Having finally forced the last of the caning into the channels, I tried it on.  If it hadn't been 11:00 at night, two days before the deadline, I might have laughed.  The caning decided to twist itself into various contortions of figure 8s.  Much like trying to coil an old garden hose that won't lay flat.  OK.  Let's add the over skirt in hopes it will tame the wild caning mess.  Now it's so big, I can't even get through the door of my sewing room.  And it's now taken on the shape of a Maire Antoinette hoop skirt, but collapsed in front.   I take one look in the mirror and the cursing starts.  Poor J, he puts up with so much when I'm sewing.  

So, I'm buying a pre-made hoop skirt.  Done.  Finished.  Whatever.  Sigh.  Well, I guess I'll get it all done for the second weekend we go to Dickens.  Which is probably OK, since we're going with folks in costume that weekend, and not this weekend.  So mundanes it is for Saturday.
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What the HELL was I thinking.  This is taking for-ev-er.  The only saving grace is the silk is georgeous (black and bronzy/gold stripe).  

Skirt = done
Bodice = 70% done
Hoop = 60% done
Corset = fat chance

All for THIS Saturday.  Yeah right.
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 If you ask I will...

1. Tell you why I friended you.

2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc.

3. Tell you something I like about you.

4. Tell you a memory I have of you.

5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.

6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.

7. In return, you must post this in your LJ.


Nov. 12th, 2007 01:14 pm
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1) It's fall, my favorite season
2) I'm losing weight, and I feel good about it
3) I've seemed to hit a groovy that's working for me; exercise, cooking, housework, and down time, now I just need to add back in project time
4) The Dicken's dress is slowly moving forward, see #3
5) I've reached a point with my feelings about recent events that let's me move on
6) I'm OK with #5! 
7) The Bears won a game!

Yeah fall!
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You Are a Witch (or Warlock)
You are deviously brilliant and a perfect manipulator.
You somehow always end up getting what you want - without anyone knowing you're working behind the scenes.
Crafty and cunning, you can work your way out of any jam.
And it's easy for you to get people to do what you want, whether you're working for good or evil.

Your greatest power: Mind control

Your greatest weakness: Making people your puppets

You play well with: Ghosts
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Crown was a blast.  Except for the part where J didn't get to attend due to work.  But otherwise, I haven't had that much fun at an event in awhile.  Rich commented it was the first time I didn't have *something* to do , either job, fealty or household related.  It was kinda weird that none of VL was there except me (and Siobhan but she camped with the dancer/drummer crowd).  I got to hang with my students, crash the Bellatrix dinner party, fling tacos and became the newest member of DBLF!  How cool is that.

I also set my students on a quest, about which I'm very excited.  I gave them an idea with some suggestions and told them to run with it.  They immediately began taking and the ideas they already have are a great starting place.  I'm so impressed!  Can't wait to see how it all turns out.


Oct. 10th, 2007 09:30 am
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No shit, there I was.......

Since I'm gone on Thursday (play tickets w/o J) and leaving from work on Friday for Crown (no J he is primary on-call for work) we decided to have a date night last night.  Headed out for a nice dinner, casual stroll back to the car window shopping, drive home talking about stuff, then decided to get into the hottub for a nice soak before, well, bed!  (oh and then some sleep)  The wind is blowing, fall is in the air, the hottub is toasty, all is good in the world.  Once our skin is pruny with wrinkles, we decide it time to dash back inside.  Only to find the slider door has latched itself shut.  Locked.  No entry.  

OK, so dripping wet, chilly wind, all other outside doors locked.  I can either hike down the hill and get the key from Kathy (one of these days I'll learn how to put in the LJ links) or call up The Chef (means knocking on the neighboors door in a dripping wet swimsuit and using their phone) and have her drive over with her key.  Walking down the hill in a swimsuit, wrapped in a wet towel with no shoes does not excite me.  J thinks if he can find a long stick he can wedge it between the sliders and jimmy the latch.  So he gets a rake out of the shed, we pry the door off it's track (can't get the whole thing off because it's locked at one end) and jam the rake into the opening.  May attempts and profanity spewing fits later, success!  

We are both freezing at this point, I've got a splinter in my toe from my unlit walk around the house looking for an open door, and it starts to rain.  At least we got inside before the storm hit!

Job Meme

Sep. 14th, 2007 09:01 am
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1.      Set Designer

2.      Makeup Artis

3.      Costume Desinger

4.      Archaeologist

5.      Special Effects Technician

6.      Indstrial Designer

7.      Sign Maker

8.      Historian

9.      Tilesetter

10.  Fashion Designer

Yeah, I'd agree, except for the Sign Maker, how boring.
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