Mar. 26th, 2008

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The weekend, on a whole, was great.  We got on site mid-afternoon on Friday, and even though our camp ended up scattered around the eric, the main sunshade turned out to be a nice meeting place.  J decided to fight and surprised himself by going to fifth round.  While I'm pleased for him, it ment I missed the first class and most of the second class from the Kingdom Enrichment Project.  The students tell me both classes went well.  The third class suffered attendance from, I think, no afternoon announcement and being later in the day, closer to finals.  But we all sat around stitching and downloading about our projects and life.  Did some feast prep then a quick tour through merchants.  By then it was time for court.  My business was within the first 20 minutes.  My students business was dropped from the rooster, at least that was the first communication after which I dashed back to camp to start the cook fire.  In truth, the students did get to do a presentation and announcement at the very end of court, which I of course, missed.  Ah well, at least they got the word out.  Much bussling, a few snappish words (sorry if anyone was in the line of fire) and we all sat down to a very lovely little period feast.  I wanted to celebrate my students efforts on this project and so offered to cook a meal for them on Saturday.  It was such a success I've offered to repeat it at A&S, the event where the real project takes place.

Missed Pel council, enjoyed Laurel council (I had a great field trip buddy!) and then the slow breakdown of camp.  Home and unpacked by 7:00.  Whew.


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