Jan. 31st, 2008

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 Time for an update.  Tired, tired of the rain, want to sleep now.  Barring that I've been doing:

Weight loss, down 10 lbs since joining WW, down 15 overall!  Yeah me.  In a size 10 pants, haven't seen that since at least college days if not high school.  The only down side is apparently as you lose weight the amount of exercise one must do to achieve an activity point increases!  And you lose eating points too.  Argh.  I've adjusted the eating points but the increased time on the elipical is brutal. 

I've finally (I hope) found a new studio and will be back to dancing at least once a week.  I really perfer this particular style of teaching, and the studio/class is new so there hasn't been time for the clicks to form.  That's always the worst part, competing with the established dancers.  Why I don't kown, we're all there to learn.  So, will go back next week and plunck down the bucks for a multi-class discount.  Save money and motivation to go!

On the sewing front, I'm almost finished with the Persians I started before 12th Night.  Sorta pluggin along with no set time table.  But I want to start something else, so I need to finish this project.  Hopefully on Saturday I'll rap it up and then I can go "shopping" in my fabric stash for the next adventure.  I do need to fit a new gambeson for J in there somewhere as well as new storage bags for the firepit and large pavilion.  Preferably before March Crown.  

On the philosophical front, I'm back to the old "continue to support a group that everyone else has bailed on" issue.  It is an emotionally draining, ongoing, becoming boring debate. Blah.


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