Jan. 7th, 2008

12th Night

Jan. 7th, 2008 04:23 pm
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Mostly good.  Arrived on Friday a little later than expected but earlier than most.  Scored a cart right off the bat and unloaded.  Quick dinner then off to the bar to hang out and socialize.   Brief interlude to assemble the VL gifts, which was fun!  Left J in the bar and he was off visiting when I returned.  Had some interesting conversations, then went to Y&B room for one last drink and some social flirting.  J felt awful Saturday morning so I showered, dressed (an interesting contortion exercise!) and went downstairs.  No one else was up yet so I hit merchants then checked on J.  Still miserable but sleeping, so left him alone.  Back downstairs and finally the household was stirring.  Handed out the VL gifts, absent some bits, and finally sat down to eat something.  Super nice visit with Terri and Devra!  Then a fantastic scheming session with the students.  The proposal is awesome and will be ready for presentation by March Crown.  I ran it by some folks and all seemed to think it was a winner idea!  And Aminah and Saeunn got an affirmative nod from the A&S officer.  Yeah!  (I want them to also present the proposal to HRH Mari at some point. )  Dinner was long and mostly boring and I left ASAP to pack down the feast hall. I did have a nice chat with the friends to whom I owe my LAST commission/payment for the mantles.  YEAH.  Changed and down to the Casbah where I danced for ~2 hours!  Got to dance with my old partner, cool.  I totally enjoyed it but was sore the next day!  

Sunday packed, ate breakfast (have to remember that cafe is not very good!) and drove home. 


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