Apr. 17th, 2008 10:45 am
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So, no, I didn't get the sewing project done in time for Crown.  The sleeve pattern did not work out and rather than rework it I decided to use a pattern I've had success with before.  However, I did "something" different and even though I could tell it was off, I went ahead and sewing them into the bodice.  The good news is it will be fine once I redo the base sleeve.  The bad news is I have to rip out the sleeves and redo the base sleeve.  

Other sewing news: I've altered my cotes, two worked, one didn't.  The one that didn't never really fit right anyway, so no big loss.  The blue one could come in even more, but for now it's fine.  Next up; my late Ren period dresses.  I usually keep a chunk of fabric from each project in case of repairs or such.  Hopefully I've got enough fabric to re-do the bodice(s) of those dresses that need atlering.  Sleeves and skirts won't need alteration.  

I'm brewing again!  Forgot how easy it is and how much I enjoy it.  My 5 gallons of porter are busily burping away in the carboy.  All in prep for Erinwood.  Thankfully beanolc has bottles I can use.  I guess I'll have to reinvest in bottles in the near future.

Off to La Prova Dura this weekend, then it's all Erinwood prep til Memorial Day.


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